Make Up Tag!

Sorry for doing another tag, I’ve honestly been so busy since it’s almost Chinese new Year. I had to go through and get rid of things I’m not using anymore. Also, I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately to unwind. I have a few new face masks I want to try this week and hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures for the blog.

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Disney World Trip November 2015 Pt. 1

If you’ve been following my instagram you would notice that I went to Disney World for a week with my boyfriend! We had a great time, and I wanted to share my experience and journey with everyone. Get ready for a long post! Sorry in advance for some “blurry” pictures, some of them were taken at night and it was hard to get a great picture. I’ve split the trip into 2 posts and tried to condense it as much as possible, so hope everyone enjoys!

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How to Stay Motivated While Job Searching

Earlier this month I got laid off from my job. I didn’t really see it coming since I was always busy working and staying late. I left the office after receiving the news and went home to cry (it’s my first time getting laid off). My boyfriend comforted me while I stayed in bed miserable for about thirty minutes. After I was done crying, I got up, grabbed the laptop, and began looking for a job.

For the past few weeks , I’ve been looking for a job and I wanted to share some tips to help others stay motivated in looking for a job.

1. Make some time everyday to look for a job.

Pretty Simple? No, not really. Once unemployed you might fall into a pit of darkness. You might want to stay in bed a bit longer or you might think to yourself ‘I’ll do it in a little while.’ Then it’s the evening and you start thinking it’s too late to apply so you’ll do it the next day and the cycle repeats. When you wake up, take thirty minutes to apply for a job, even if it’s just one. That one job will keep you motivated to keep applying.

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