Haul: Beauty & Face Masks

I went on a shopping spree last week and wanted to show you all the new goodies I bought. I will be posting reviews of the face masks as I try them out…


Beautyblender – Prep.Pretty.Cleanย $54

Don’t be fooled with the missing sponge, I took it out and used it right away since my beauty blender was rotting away (not really). I tried out the liquid cleanser and think it’s more effective than the soap and it’s much easier to use.



Bath & Body Works; 10 for $35.50


Han Roon – Repair Skin Mask; Originally $9 On Sale for $2.70

Bought this little gem at my local TnT Supermarket. I’m not sure if this is really effective but I thought I would try it out since it’s nearing the end of the shelf sell date (March 30). Will be posting a review once I try this out!


Alovivi – Royal Jelly & Vitamin C Face Mask (45 pieces); On Sale $21.99

Sorry this was not pictured in the main image, I got this mask pack last minute. This was also boughtย at my local TnT Supermarket and thuoght I would give this a go. There wasn’t many reviews on this so I thought it would be nice to try it out especially since it’s Royal Jelly. This is 45 masks in one package (resealable).


MediHeal – AC Dressing (10 masks); $14.99

I usually love Mediheal masks (see one of the reviews here) and thought I would try this out since I found it at Winners for $14.99.

Let me know in the comments below if you tried these masks before!

2 thoughts on “Haul: Beauty & Face Masks

  1. Love the bath and body works haul! Im planning on going myself to pick some things up along with a few eyeshadows and maybe a lipstick for a giveaway!


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