New Years Resolutions

It’s the last day of the year and it’s the time where everyone reflects on their life. Looking back on 2014, most of my resolutions I made I was able to happen and a few that I’m still working on. 2015 in general have been life changing for me.


I would have never thought I would find my soulmate this year. It’s been a wild ride my love and cheers to many more years to come. I’m glad I waited and didn’t jump into another relationship right away.

I started a new job after getting laid off. It was a dark time since it was the first time it’s happened. I am thankful it happened since it gave me the push I needed to find another job since I have been talking about finding a new job through the year. My new job is great and I’m able to make friends with everyone in my department. In general, a lot happier than I was at the beginning of the year.

Throughout the year I was really able to lose weight. I lost in total 15lbs and was able to maintain my weight. It was a slow journey but I was able to do it. I remember in 2014 when I was really depressed near the end of the year. I was unsure why I was still gaining weight after I started going to the gym. I’m glad this year I was able to take this journey more serious and research about different foods.

Last but not least, I was able to go on vacation somewhere other than visit relatives. This was also the first vacation I went with a significant other and it was very memorable. I’m glad we were able to take tons of pictures and even bought small souvenirs to remember our time there.



  1. Continue to lose weight – I would ideally like to lose another 10-15lbs. This might seem a lot but I think I would look/feel healthier if I did.
  2. Continue learning about my career and research different methods for my job on my spare time.
  3. Be kind always – by this I mean I don’t want to get angry or upset over small things. I want to keep working on myself and change my attitude on things.


Happy New Years Everyone! Let me know in the comments below how your year went and what your resolution will be.

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