Shu Uemura: Haul & Maison Kitsune Palette Review

I went shopping with my family last weekend and my mom gave me a coupon for cosmetics to the Hudson Bay. If you spend $100 you can get $20 off. Since I needed to get another cleansing foam from Shu Uemura I went to check out the Maison Kitsune line. I couldn’t resist and bought one of the palettes for the holiday.


Since I bought over $85 I received the Maison Kitsune tote bag and the samples that came along with it.



Close up of the Products


The Free Samples


Close up of the Palette


Swatches of the Eye Shadow


Swatches of the Blush & Sample of the Laque Supreme


The eye shadows are really pigmented. The first three are the only solid colours that are available in the palette. The last 4 awatches are slightly opaque since they are colour glitter only. I do layer the glitter eyeshadow on top on a few days with my regular routine when I want my eyes to shimmer a bit.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the blush but I really liked it after trying it on. I never owned an orange blush so this was definitely a plus to getting this palette as opposed to the other.


Pictures taken after 14 hours of wear. Worn between 8am – 10pm with no touch ups or eye shadow primer. I used the first and second (see swatch picture) eye shadow only.

I never owned any Shu Uemura eye shadows before but I believe this is a great buy ($85CAD) for anyone that needs a variety of eyeshadows. They are long lasting and very pigmented. Also, when you finish any of the eyeshadows or blush, the rep informed me you can switch them out with any of their products. It’s nice to own such a beautiful case and not worry about throwing it out when you finish all the prodcuts.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any Shu Uemura eye shadows and which colours you would recommend!

3 thoughts on “Shu Uemura: Haul & Maison Kitsune Palette Review

  1. So the shadows are really pretty and long lasting !!! Can’t believe it’s after 14 hours wear. It seems that it’s worth the money ) do you also use their cleansing oil ?


    • Yeap! I just bought a second bottle of the premium a/I cleansing oil and love it. It made a difference with my skin as well. I rarely ever have acne now with my changed skin care routine. The eye shadows are great I Def recommend checking their eye shadows out. I have another light pink one and it’s really long lasting as well another and pigmented. I usually wear them for more than 10 hour since I have full time work and after work meetings ๐Ÿ™‚


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