Disney World Trip November 2015 Pt. 1

If you’ve been following my instagram you would notice that I went to Disney World for a week with my boyfriend! We had a great time, and I wanted to share my experience and journey with everyone. Get ready for a long post! Sorry in advance for some “blurry” pictures, some of them were taken at night and it was hard to get a great picture. I’ve split the trip into 2 posts and tried to condense it as much as possible, so hope everyone enjoys!

*Hover over the images for the captions, and click on each image to enlarge/view in slideshow

Day 1

Arrived at B Resort & Spa around 12:30pm and it looked amazing! If you are looking for a nice resort to stay at and don’t mind spending just a little bit more I would definitely recommend this place. Great service and they also give you two water bottles per day.

After we settled dow and checked around the resort, we decided to go explore Disney Springs. It was about a 15 min walk from the resort. We ended up walking around for 3 hours.

It was only 4pm when we finished walking so we decided to go back to the hotel. We went to check out the gym, pool and jacuzzi. I fell asleep by the pool side until around 6:30pm and got ready to go to our dinner reservation at Morimoto Asia.

Day 2

We slept in until 10:30am and went to Disney Springs for our lunch reservation at T-Rex. We wanted to sit inside the ice cave and the hostess was nice enough to let us sit in that section.

The food was great but we only went for the atmosphere since we heard so many great things about this place. We both thought it was better than Rainforest Cafe! Even though I heard mixed reviews about the food, we thought the food was great!

After finishing lunch, we decided to go back to the resort and lay by the pool again. It was really relaxing and around 3pm we got ready to go to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

We had booked two fast passes, and rode Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain before the party started (7pm).

Day 3

My boyfriend and I decided to split Epcot into two days since it’s so huge! Food and Wine Festival event is also ongoing so we wanted to take advantage and try as many food/treats/desserts as possible!

For lunch we went to Restaurant Marrakesh. We had the lunch special and the Couscous with Lamb Shank. Dellliccciousssss! The meat was so tender it fell right off the bone. This restaurant also has live entertainment which includes music and belly dancing.

One of the most memorable parts of Epcot was going to the Japan Pavillion. We went inside Mitsukoshi which was a department store and it was hugeeee! My boyfriend and I spent easily about 2 hours here.

Inside Mitsukoshi there was a Pick-A Pearl station and my boyfriend surprised me with a ticket. For anyone that is interested a ticket costs $15.96. I’ve never really seen this kind of thing yet so I was excited. When it came our turn, I picked an oyster in one of the tanks to open. The cast member opened it and was pleasantly surprised to find one the rare pearls (silver blue). Afterwards, you have the option of keeping the pearl loose or creating jewellery with it. It starts from $10 and up. I ended up creating a necklace thanks to my boyfriend!

The rest of the day we walked around Epcot and tried some of the snacks that was there. We wanted to try as much as possible since it’s the Food and Wine Festival.

We were very lucky and got a great spot to watch IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. It was an amazing show! We grabbed fastpass+ but got there too late. The cast member was helpful and told us to go between Germany and Italy for a great view. I definitely agreed with the view. We were able to see everything!

Day 4

Since we got back to the resort so late, we weren’t able to wake up super early to go to Epcot. We did make it to our lunch reservation at Chefs de france though. This was a lovely restaurant, I highly recommend eating here if you want to try something fancy.

My boyfriend ordered the Wagyu burger with fries (tastes like Canadian McDonalds but less salty by the way) and I ordered the vegetarian lasagna. Both choices were really great. The wagyu burger was juicy and cooked perfectly and the lasagna tasted great.

Usually I try not to order lasagna at restaurants since I always have bad luck getting over done noodles, but when we getting to our table I took a peek as someone was eating it and I had to order it. I didn’t regret my decision at all! There was a lot of eggplant and zucchini in it and was really filling.

We decided to share the crème brûlée for our dessert and it was one of the best ones we had. It was big enough for two people to share and definitely worth it.

The only fastpass+ we had today were to meet Mickey and Friends, Mission: Space and Soarin. We were also able to get on the Finding Nemo ride (The seas with Nemo), Turtle talk with Crush and Journey into Imagination with Figment.

I definitely recommend getting fastpass+ for the Soarin’ ride. It was such a different experience and we loved it. You sit in a multi-seat hand glider and the ride brings you closer to the screen as you experience a scenic aerial tour of California. It also fills the room with the smells of each scene. They had one scene that was in a fields of lemons and you can smell the lemon in the air while you tour. It was an amazing experience! I think everyone should try it as long as you’re not afraid of heights.


For dinner, we decided to go to Disney Springs and try the Bongos Cuban Cafe. The restaurant itself was nice, but the service wasn’t as good as we had hoped. The food was alright too. We got fried calamari, traditional cerviche and their award winning cuban slow roasted pork.

I will try and have part 2 ready in a few days. I’ve been sorting through all my pictures trying to decide which ones to include in the posts. Let me know if you’ve ever been to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and what your favourite part is! Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Disney World Trip November 2015 Pt. 1

  1. Looks fun, and great pics! I’m actually going there towards the end of this year! This is the one in Florida, right? Lol, I get the two confused.
    I really like the pick-a-pearl in Mitsukoshi! I’ll be looking out for that! If the ticket itself costs about $15, how much did the necklace cost? And do all of the oysters have pearls? If not, could you pick another oyster?

    I followed you on Twitter and Instagram, btw! Both my usernames are bambinotions 🙂


    • Hehe I’ll follow you back as well! All the oysters have a pearl in it. If it doesn’t they will let you pick another but I haven’t seen it happened yet. The necklace I got was around $85 but it’s just the pendent only. The chain itself is separate and starts from $15.

      It was really fun! I hope to have have a great time as well. Are you going to the Christmas party? That one was really worth it :);

      Liked by 1 person

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