How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in the Winter

For anyone that lives in Canada you know how cold winter can get. When the cold weather begins my skin changes drastically. My skin gets more dry and I find that I always have to moisturize every couple of hours to keep it hydrated. One way to keep your body moisturized is to use coconut butter or cream after you shower.

One product that I seem to always use during the summer and winter are sugar scrubs. I started using this product at the beginning of this year and it has made a huge difference to my body. At first I got the Asquith & Somerset Lemon Exfoliating Β Sugar Scrub at Marshalls. Later on I found other scents at Winners, so I picked up the Sea Salt & Peal, Orange Blossom and another Lemon one since I loved the scent. You can get them at Β $6.99 (Canadian) for 550g/19.4oz compared at $18.14 on Amazon.


Here is one of the bottles I just managed to finish using. It took me awhile (Since January!) since I travel back and forth from my parents house every other weekend. Also I tend to only use this product when I feel that my skin is a bit dry. I haven’t used this product consistently but it works! My skin feels so buttery after one use!


I scooped some of the sugar scrub to take a picture of it. It feels like there’s a bit of oil in the scrub. This is meant to be used on the body only, I would not use this on your face. The first time I used the scrub I accidentally scrubbed the product hard into my skin. I didn’t realize how hard the scrub is! My skin came out red and the next time I used this I softly massage it on my body. Don’t make the same mistake and scrub too hard!

If you tend to have really dry skin in the winter I would give this product a try! My parents and boyfriend have used it a few times as well since I rave about this all the time hahaa. This can be easily found at Marshalls and WInners; I haven’t been to a single Marshalls or Winners and haven’t seen this product on the shelf. The other scent might be harder to find but the lemon (my favourite) is the easiest.

I hope this helps someone out especially since the Canadian winter is almost here! Brrr!

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